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Budget Development

Below you will find the DRAFT Budget Development Calendar for 2015-2016. 
Attached are also the budget development forms.

March 5, 2015Campus/Department:  Due date for Staffing/Stipend Requests, Special Project Requests, Enhancement Requests, and Strategic Abandonment Requests to appropriate Assistant Superintendent and Maintenance Review Requests to Scott Layne.
April 20, 2015Public Input forms received from patrons for cost analysis and distribution to appropriate department and/or campus.  HR delivers Staffing/Stipend spreadsheet to Budget Office.


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doc File FORM_-_Maintenance_Review_Request.doc
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28.00 Kb 01/13/15
doc File FORM_-_Public_Input_on_Budget.doc
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31.50 Kb 01/13/15
pdf File FORM_-_Public_Input_on_Budget.pdf
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6.95 Kb 01/13/15
doc File FORM_-_Special_Enhancement_Request.doc
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29.00 Kb 01/13/15
doc File FORM_-_Staffing__Supplemental_Duty_Pay_Request.doc
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81.00 Kb 01/13/15
doc File FORM_-_Special_Project_Request.doc
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29.50 Kb 01/13/15
doc File FORM_-_Strategic_Abandonment_of_Items-Programs.doc
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30.50 Kb 01/13/15
pdf File 2015-2016_Budget_Development_Calendar_REVISED_03-25-15.pdf
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16.53 Kb 03/26/15