The Irving ISD External Campaign


When you send your child to one of our schools, purchase or rent a home in our district, or relocate your business in Irving, you become part of our family. We want you to be proud of us…share our accomplishments, participate in our events, volunteer at our schools, or simply know that we’re doing great things at Irving ISD.










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You may be surprised by what you see inside our school walls. Young children giving speeches in two languages. Inspiring teachers using the latest technology to conduct groundbreaking experiments. Clean, safe schools with well-disciplined classrooms.


Not what you hear in the media or on the streets? Sometimes you have to come inside to get the real story.


What you may actually see is the future. We prepare students for their future, not our past, in a replica of the world in which they will live. Diverse students working well together in teams. Teachers inspiring students to think for themselves so they can solve the critical problems facing their generation. Successful students earning millions of dollars in college scholarships in fields of study we desperately need in the workplace.


This is what we do at Irving ISD. This is what we accomplish every day.

Come inside and take a look. We are proud of what you’ll see.



Visit our web site, talk to our employees, ask for information about everything from test results to budget. We will gladly share. But what’s most important to you and to us is that you accept our invitation to go inside the walls….see for yourself what’s going on in our schools. Find the hidden treasures that we see every day. Watch inspiring teachers do their jobs. See how diversity becomes our strength and success is a daily habit.


You’re invited to take a closer look.