Partners In Education 

MJB Wood Group, Inc.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - May 2014

We were so blessed to have our Partners in Education come to visit during Teacher Appreciation Week. They treated us to lunch and ran a raffle for us. We are thankful for not just what they did during that week but all the ways in which they work to make this a stronger community. They have devoted so much to our students in giving of their time and resources. We truly appreciate the difference you make in our school. Thank You!


Uniform Donation

Our partners provide some uniforms for our children that at different times during the year enroll and are not immediately able to purchase uniforms.  Occasionally students need a second uniform during the day due to accidents, spills, tears, etc.  MJB Wood Group, Inc. provides uniforms that help make children comfortable at school and ready to learn.  We appreciate how much they do for our students that aids in their ability to achieve in the classroom and feel good about themselves.

Their donations included 19 pairs of pants, 26 shirts, and 26 packages including socks and underwear ranging in child sizes from 4-12.

Partners help with Christmas at JH

For several years now, MJB Wood Group, Inc. has helped give selected families at JH a brighter holiday season.  Their generosity is overwhelming as the employees give to children in families that might not otherwise have anything.  Each year students are selected by either the teacher or a counselor to attend the event in which employees donate their time and financial resources to give to those without.  Thank you for helping make the holidays for some of our students really something special.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Our partners always make us feel appreciated.  They provided a lunch from Boston Market during teacher appreciation week in May 2011.  They serve the teachers and staff during their lunch times making sure everyone has a hot catered lunch, dessert and a beverage of their choice.  We appreciate the support we receive from them. 

They are a great part of the John Haley team.

Making Christmas Special for John Haley Kids

Their generosity is so much appreciated.  Several families were touched by the gifts this group provided.  They are a great example of what it means to really be a partner in education not just helping them in their education, but they work at bringing smiles to their faces even when it isn't a school day.  Thank you!

We appreciate all that you do.  You donate gifts, supplies, uniforms, and most importantly....your time!  The time you have spent with our students is priceless.

Uniform Drive
Our Partner in Education helps out!


MJB Wood Group Inc. brings extra uniforms for our students that do not have one.  Sometimes these are given out to students who need an extra change of clothes in the clinic.  As staff sees need sometimes students are provided with extra uniform pieces when theirs becomes too worn.  Thank you for making a child's day better. 

Many times these uniforms are given to children during a stressful time such as an accident, sudden move to a new school, or when money is tight at home.

Exemplary Luncheon Attendees - MJB Wood Group Inc.attends the exemplary luncheon held in August 2010. - What a show of support from our Partners in Education!

Teacher Appreciation
May 4, 2010

Our (PIE) Partners in Education provided a splendid lunch from Boston Market as well as served it to us.  They made us feel special!

Helping to Raise Money

- MJB Wood helps students raise money for the  Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Christmas with Our Partners

School Supply Drop Off


School Supply Drop-Off

Even throughout the year the company still brought supplies for teacher and students.  We often run out of  some materials mid-year. 



Official Signing
- 2008-2009

Our Partners In Education honored teachers with a luncheon catered by Boston Market.  Employees of the company gave their time to come and serve teachers lunch provided in the library.  What a special treat!  Thank you MJB Wood Inc. for showing how much you care.

Want to get started?  Need more information about helping John Haley?  Contact: Tamique Akins - Counselor - (972) 600- 6600

For more information on IISD Partner in Education program, visit: