Welcome to Jack E. Singley Academy

Jack E. Singley Academy is unlike a traditional high school in that its framework incorporates six career specialization areas. The Academy is a comprehensive high school that opened its doors during the 2001-2002 school year. This school accommodates 1700 students in grades nine to twelve.

Approved by Irving ISD voters as part of a school bond package in October 1997, Jack E. Singley Academy was constructed on the southeast corner of the North Lake College campus along Macarthur Boulevard in Las Colinas. In 2004, Jack E. Singley Academy became a stand-alone campus. With that, the students and staff chose as its school colors: black, white and silver.
Our Mission:
Jack E. Singley Academy is a collaborative learning community that enhances the district's high school education program. It is our mission to provide a unique set of relevant learning experiences to our student-customers that produces graduates who are life-long learners, effective citizens, and productive members of society. We will be a nationally recognized model of effective integration of business, community and education resources to provide students with integrated academic and career preparation.
We will: 
• Employ unique approaches to student learning 
• Provide a safe and cooperative learning environment 
• Meet the education needs of every student 
• Establish working partnerships with business and service organizations 
• Use technology to profoundly impact the education process and learner outcomes 
• Attain high-level learning outcomes 
• Produce graduates with marketable skills 
• Be an organized and cost-effective entity