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Blackboard V9.1 End-of-LIfe Announcement
Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Blackboard v9.1 End-of-Life Announcement


The Irving ISD Blackboard Learning Management System will be deactivated on June 29th, 2012. Please review the following information and references for full details. (FAQs: )

The Blackboard LMS has been a valuable tool for both teachers and administrators in Irving ISD. As we consider duplicate efforts of systems and low/no-cost tools that are available to the district, Blackboard is a tool that must be considered for reduction of both cost and support effort. Maintaining Blackboard costs more than just the licensing fee that we pay. We must also maintain the bank of six servers, support all technical problems with hardware and software, maintain system updates and provide 24/7 emergency support. All of these costs add up in terms of fiscal costs, time, and energy that comes from our internal support personnel.

Project Share ( ) is the tool that will be replacing Blackboard. Project Share is purchased by the State and currently provided at no cost to the district. The system is also maintained by the State provider 24/7. Project Share is available now to all educators and students in the state of Texas and it provides opportunities to share content in new and different ways that are not attainable on Blackboard.

Instructional Technology will begin offering 'Project Share Basics' in January 2012 and continue efforts with 'Content Re-Creation Workshops' in 2012. A FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page is posted on our district website . Teachers and administrators can also submit their own questions to be answered on this page as well. This page will be updated and all updates can be 'subscribed' to through email or an RSS reader by clicking on the RSS feed or the email subscription link on the FAQs page.

Your feedback is valuable! Please complete a survey to help us with this transition process.

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