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1/12/15 > UIL MacAdemics takes 2nd place
Our MacAdemics team competed on Saturday at Mansfield Timberview High School. Out of 25 teams, we finished in second place overall. Please give these students and coaches a huge congrats when you see them on their achievements.

Current Events – 1st place team
• Joseph Trujillo – 2nd place
• Iris Martinez – 4th place
• Roger Contreras – 5th place
• Obed De La Cruz

Social Studies – 1st place team
• Liliana Contreras – 1st place
• Sarah Huerta – 2nd place
• Mikaela Baker – 3rd place
• Thomas Calambas – 5th place

Ready Writing
• Katy Overland – 1st place

Literary Criticism – 2nd place team
• Zach Cheyney – 4th place
• Joseph Trujillo – 6th place
• Estefany Arana

Spelling and Vocabulary
• Liz Parks – 7th place

Number Sense
• Daniel Labarre – 3rd place 11th/12th division
• Daniel Early – 5th place 9th/10th division
• Hamid Alsabag – 6th place 9th/10th division

Calculator Applications
• Mikalya Joiner – 5th place 11th/12th division
1/12/15 > December Students of the Week
Bhishan Khadka
Cristina Laguna Rodriguez
Daniel Hernandez
Eric Vidales
Ericka Garcia
Hala Issa
Jennifer Perez-Basilio
Jose Ayala
Ketcia Mapamboli
Lauren Gibbons
Mariana Martinez
Mira Pacheco
Sebastian Mauricio
Talya Cooper

Adrian Ford
Brennan Caviness
Citlalli Trejo
Ga Eun Chun
Jaymee Amaya
Jeremy Holt
Jonathan Whitley
Leonardo Juarez Burunat
Samantha Dibble

Alexandria Bench
Alyssa Ortiz
Jose Mendoza
Kai McMaster
Luis Carillo
Luz Del Cid
Reagan Reno

Alexia Ramirez
Asma Noor-Hussain
Brando Villatoro
Daniel Galindo
Demetrick Bush
Durgesh Thakor
Emmanuel Oni
Nikola Malic
Rafael Diaz
1/12/15 > December Students of the Month
Lauren Gibbons
Eric Vidales

Jaymee Amaya
Brennan Caviness

Kai McMaster
Jose Mendoza

Alexia Ramirez
Nikola Malic
12/17/14 > Students of the Month for November
Please congratulate our November Students of the Month.

9th Grade
Annalin Martin
Tyson Hardin

10th Grade
Andres Orozco
Jacie Soberanis

11th Grade
Ali Ahmed Washington
Marissa Broome

12th Grade
Monica Riley
Thomas Calambas
12/08/14 > All City Band
Please congratulate the following 40 MacArthur students that were named to the All-City Band. After a rigorous audition process Monday and Tuesday, our MacArthur students had some outstanding results. MacArthur took 40 of the 62 chairs for 65% of the band. They also captured 9 of the 14 first chairs. Go Cardinals!

Name Grade Instrument Chair
Sarahi Figueroa 12 Piccolo 1 All-City
Kaitlin Kelley 10 Flute 3 All-City
Abeer Tijani 10 Flute 4 All-City
Obed De La Cruz 10 Oboe 1 All-City
Darious Sells 11 Clarinet 1 All-City
Aaron Anderson 12 Clarinet 2 All-City
Estefany Arana 11 Clarinet 3 All-City
Alexa Mendez 10 Clarinet 4 All-City
Jocelyn Madrigal 11 Clarinet 5 All-City
Jessie Merlos 12 Clarinet 6 All-City
Isaiah Vernon 12 Alto Saxophone 1 All-City
Sara Roman 12 Alto Saxophone 2 All-City
Edy Almendariz 12 Alto Saxophone 3 All-City
Antonia Lee 9 Alto Saxophone 4 All-City
Nia Chanel Brock 12 Tenor Saxophone 1 All-City
Jacob Worrall 9 Bari Saxophone 2 All-City
Ana Ordonez 11 Tenor Saxophone 3 All-City
Jonathan Quinones 10 Tenor Saxophone 4 All-City
Facundo Soria 12 Trumpet 2 All-City
Salvador Jimenez 11 Trumpet 6 All-City
Grace Heller 9 Trumpet 8 All-City
Jonathan Gonzalez 12 French Horn 3 All-City
David Cardenas 10 French Horn 4 All-City
Fahim Alam 12 Trombone 1 All-City
Parker Leon 10 Trombone 3 All-City
Benito Pena 11 Trombone 5 All-City
Raena Biggar 10 Trombone 6 All-City
Teresa Lindero 10 Trombone 8 All-City
Mauro Lindero 11 Bass Trombone 1 All-City
Nick Caicedo 12 Euphonium 1 All-City
Brandon Gipson 10 Euphonium 3 All-City
Joseph Trujillo 12 Tuba 1 All-City
Erick Trujillo 10 Tuba 2 All-City
Colin Elmore 9 Tuba 3 All-City
Ismael Rodriguez 11 Tuba 4 All-City
Kevin Tafran 11 Tuba 5 All-City
Wally Salaudeen 12 Percussion 3 All-City
David Shipley 12 Percussion 5 All-City
Carlos Lepe 12 Percussion 6 All-City
Nathan Aguirre 12 Percussion 9 All-City
12/08/14 > Monica Riley signs Gymnastics scholarship
11/13/14 > Lakin Wolever Signs to Play Softball for Henderson State University
11/13/14 > Tana Driver Signs to play Basketball for Marshall
10/30/14 > Freshmen Class Officers
Congratulations to our new Freshmen Class Officers

Kim Pham

Vice President
Yohana Tesfaselassie

Angelina Molina

Allison Guevara

Kaylee Lunsford

Hala Issa
Ariana Gonzales
9/10/14 > IGNITE Enriches MacArthur High School Students

IGNITE Texas has signed on as an official Partner in Education of MacArthur High School. An after-school curriculum has been established for year-round student engagement. The program will provide high school girls civic education, exposure to women in political leadership, hands on training and work opportunities, and a peer network of women who support and nurture each other's aspirations for civic and political leadership.
8/28/14 > MacArthur Student Leadership Camp

100 MacArthur Student Leaders attended Leadership camp over the summer in order to achieve the skills necessary to have a successful school year. The 3 day camp provided our students with the knowledge and tools to become more effective leaders in our school. The camp also focused on the importance of school cohesion and unity, providing an opportunity for students to work together towards common goals. The camp ended with teambuilding at a ropes course.
8/28/14 > Top High School Recognition

MacArthur High School was recently named to The Daily Beast's 2014 list of top high schools. Six indicators pulled from school surveys were used to compare public high schools in the U.S., with graduation and college acceptance rates weighed most heavily. Other criteria included college-level courses and exams, percentage of students with free or reduced lunch, as well as SAT and ACT scores - another mark of how well a school prepares students for college.

In addition, MacArthur High School was named to the Top 100 list for schools with a high percentage of graduate students from the free and reduced lunch program.