New for the 2014-2015 School Year!!

  We will no longer use lockers except for in PE/Athletic lockers.  If a student wishes to use a backpack, it must be CLEAR or MESH.  No other backpacks will be allowed-no exceptions!


See STUDENT INFORMATION section for dress code requirements.

Schedule Change Form
Please click the link and fill in ALL of the information.  Important reminder:  you can ONLY request to change elective classes.  The counselors will call you down throughout the week to let you know if the requested schedule change works with your current schedule.  Thank you and your counselors are proud of you! 

School Supplies 2014-15

4 Spirals (single subject)

Folders with Brads (1 for each class)


Pens/Pencils (blue, black and red)


Each teacher will provide a specific list for each student on first day of school.

Journey Irving
Welcome new and returning students, staff and parents to Irving ISD! This is going to be an amazing year of learning and growth for the Irving ISD community. Show heart, show confidence in your ability to improve, and show a willingness to be more. Doing those simple things will move Irving ISD forward. Best of luck for a successful school year.

Lady Bird Online Registration:
Parents with returning students will receive their passcodes in the mail sometime during the 1st week in July.  The district is mailing them on July 1st.  Parents can register students online at any time after they receive it.
For parents who do not have computer/internet access, we will have the Omni room available August 4-7 from 8:00-4:00 and the same for August 11-12.

 All parents are required to present address verification (see district website for acceptable items) in order for the child to receive a schedule.  The online registration MUST be completed prior to this. 

Address Verification Times/Schedule Pick-up:

6th Grade- 8/13, 12:00- 7:00pm

7th Grade 8/14, 12:00-7:00 pm

8th Grade 8/15, 12:00- 7:00pm

Welcome our new principal Ms. Isabel Salazar!!

Largest Net Zero Middle School in the U.S.

Thank you Nissan for supporting our community, our school and investing in our students!

Please visit our this interactive site that tells you about our Net Zero campus and other tips on being GREEN.