Journey Irving
Welcome new and returning students, staff and parents to Irving ISD! This is going to be an amazing year of learning and growth for the Irving ISD community. Show heart, show confidence in your ability to improve, and show a willingness to be more. Doing those simple things will move Irving ISD forward. Best of luck for a successful school year.


First Day of School

Monday, August 25, 2014

Front doors will open at 7:30. You are welcome to walk your child to class the first three days.  We always have staff posted throughout the hallways to help students find their classroom. If you need to come into the building after the first three days you will need to check in through the front office. Safety of your child is our number one priority!

We are excited to start a new year!


PBIS - Positive Behavior Interventions and Support

It is time that we take a survey of PBIS as it relates to W.T. Hanes Elementary.  Please take a few minutes and complete the brief parent survey and have your Hanes child complete the student survey as well.

Student Link:

 Parent Link:

WT Hanes Elementary

Use Think Through Math this summer.

The Texas Math competition starts in June.  Check out the links for more information!